7 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes

When starting out on the internet I see most new marketers make these 7 internet marketing mistakes right from the get go and they never know that they are really setting themselves up for disaster.The first internet marketing mistake is most people put up a website without ever planning what is going to be on the website or who they are going after, their target market. It takes time to plan out your website, what niche you are going in and who your target market is going to be.The second internet marketing mistake is most people fail to do research on their competitors and the marketplace where they are going into. Without doing the research they don’t even know if there is a high demand for the type of niche they are going into and they don’t know how much competition is even there.For the third internet marketing mistake most internet marketers fail to write effective direct response copy. What I mean here is that they never write copy that tells the person to take some sort of action or basically to get the person to do something. This is a very crucial part that needs to be done right if you ever want to grow your business and make money with it. People need guidance and they need a step by step process telling them what to do.The forth internet marketing mistake is most marketers fail to build their own e-mail marketing lists. What I usually see is marketers building up their companies opportunity list, but never their own list. This is so important, because you want your own list of prospects so you can be building a relationship with them and have them to market to for the rest of time.The fifth internet marketing mistake I see is most marketers have no traffic generation strategy set in place. Most people believe that they set the website up and then people just come. I have had people call me and say what is the secret or basically wanting to find the magic button to push to start getting traffic instantly. We all know that it does not work like this and that it takes a lot of work and effort to get a steady flow of traffic to your site.For the sixth internet marketing mistake I see is most marketers never track their marketing efforts or campaigns.What I always tell my team members and clients is if you don’t track what you do then how do you know what is working for you and what is not working for you. By all means track everything that you do in your business. Every big internet marketer out there knows and understands that tracking is important to business success.The last internet marketing mistake is when most marketers fail to follow up with their prospects and customers. There is a lot of marketers that never build a list, but then there is some that never even follow up with the list that they are building. Being consistent and following up with your prospects and customers creates a strong relationship that will grow over time and you will be able to make money from your prospects and customers for the rest of time.If you are ready to learn more about other internet marketing mistakes then read and follow the instructions in the resource box below.